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2015 Gratitude


The Ups, Downs and Sideways of Working Motherhood

2015 Gratitude

Alex Steinman


A girlfriend posted this on Instagram today, and it pretty much sums up the last week:

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 3.23.38 PM

Since Christmas, the days have blurred together. Reflecting on the year past and projecting the year ahead makes me feel the existential feels. I don't know what I'm doing with my life, but I do know I'm grateful for a lot of things in it:

  1. The Gingers. #Gingerdad has the ability to make me laugh in even the most infuriating moments. He's got my back no matter what crazy ideas I have, and we've managed not to murder each other in 10 years. Success. #Gingerbaby has made life more of everything. I laugh more and cry more, mostly at the same time for the same reason. Nothing is better than #Gingersnuggles.
  2. My Dope Mom Squad. Tina and Amy said it best on SNL the other night (who's kidding themselves; I watched it on DVR at 7:30pm the next day). I couldn't do the career thing, the mom thing, the wife thing, or the blog thing without a team of amazing people. From my work wives to my baby doctors to my parents and in-laws, I role deep, ya'll.
  3. Wine.
  4. My house. We bought a home in May this year, and even though homeownership can be a bitch sometimes, I love having a place we can paint, alter, decorate, and be naked in.
  5. Crying it Out. It sucked, but we did it. In two of the longest weeks ever, we sleep trained the shit out of #Gingerbaby. He now gets in his crib without a fuss and falls asleep on his own without an hour of rocking, shushing, tap outs, etc. Since gaining an hour back in our evenings, Matt and I have discovered we actually live in the same house, and we cook together. Did you read that right? WE COOK REAL FOOD.
  6. Local Crate. So this is how we cook real food. We get a box of all the measured ingredients to a delicious meal shipped to our house once a week. It has lowered our grocery bill, eliminated food waste and cut time deciding which box of mac and cheese to whip up. We've made about 10 of these in the last month, including paella, sirloin and bibimbap. I totally recommend this time-saving meal delivery service. It's available by subscription or single orders.
  7. Wine.
  8. Target. Without a baby I thought I shopped there a lot. With a baby, I live there part time. It's the last minute gift grab, early morning milk run, and mid-week-no-laundry-need-underwear place. Confession: I am the last person on Earth without a Target Red Card, but it's because I don't trust myself with plastic and a discount. God bless you, bullseye.

I'm feeling pretty good heading into 2016. In the last week, I've started 3 books, helped my husband build a business plan, made dentist, doctor and electrician appointments, and have been to yoga almost everyday. Not working is amazing. So is daytime childcare. I don't think those things live simultaneously long-term though.