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I Have Risen (From the Couch)


The Ups, Downs and Sideways of Working Motherhood

I Have Risen (From the Couch)

Alex Steinman

Between nearly passing out in the security line one week and barfing at a Wolfgang Puck restaurant the next, I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to the Los Angeles International Airport. The combination of pregnancy, travel and stress has really gotten to me. Cooper had a double eye and double ear infection last weekend, and in the 12 hours I was home this week, I managed to catch pink eye. Given the amount of poop Matt and I handle, I'm surprised our eyes aren't permanently glued shut. At least then maybe I could get a guide dog to take on all my work trips.

If my body had a 'power off' button, someone hit it on Friday. Within 15 minutes of arriving at work, a friend asked if I had pink eye. This was news to me and not something you want someone else to tell you.

A few calls and a meltdown later, I drove home and put myself to bed. I slept for two hours (an eternity) and woke up fresh as a garbage pail.

After a couple days at home with the family and a much needed 8:30pm bedtime, I'm on the up and up. It's amazing what baby giggles and a pint of ice cream can do for your health. I have risen from the couch with a nest of hair and a UTI. Bring it on Monday.