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To All Strong Mamas


The Ups, Downs and Sideways of Working Motherhood

To All Strong Mamas

Alex Steinman

When I started this blog ten months ago, it was a total experiment. My first post, Mom Working, sat in my drafts for a few days as I pondered, "who am I to tell anyone how to parent, work or live their lives?" Everyone seemed so happy in their Instagram filters, so maybe I was the only one struggling to feel good about work and parenting.

After a few days of imposter syndrome and a glass (read: bottle) of wine, I hit publish. The response was overwhelming. Nearly every mama who commented shared their own parenting doubts and fears. No one felt strong or even OK with being just OK.

As it turns out, we don't acknowledge our struggles honestly enough with each other. While motherhood is beautiful, breathtaking and an absolute high, it can also be hard, heartbreaking and an absolute bitch. We fear the mommy shamers and their pitchforks, who seek out women at their lowest to tell them they're doing a shitty job shoveling shit all day.

These universal feelings aren't surprising in the least when we're bombarded with messages that tell us our male partners are stronger than us. Picture the kids' section at any clothing store. Everything reads, "Strong or DADDY." Clothes for mom read, "Mommy's little helper" or "mommy's little cutie." If you've ever seen your kid shit the tub, it's anything but helpful or cute.

And that's where the idea for positive mama messages on apparel came from. I want to give all mamas a reminder of how strong we are when we look at our tiny people. I also want to remind us of our own strong mamas who helped pave the way, bust through glass ceilings and create a world in which I can write on the internet, "I don't fucking care if you like it."

So on Tuesday, June 21, I launched a brand that promises to remind all women how strong, brave, smart, funny, bold, outspoken and daring they are. You can expect to see more of these messages in the near future. Portions of the profits will benefit organizations that support other strong mamas, like Everyday Miracles

So in the spirit of fuck yeah!, here's to all the badass mamas. We're in it together.

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